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Digital Printing Online Shop

Monday, August 10, 2015 @ 09:08 AM
posted by admin

digital-a5-leaflet-going-live-10.08.15Digital printing online shop

Here you can purchase Digital Printing from our Shop facility. A5 digitally printed leaflets purchased here with choices of quantities. This can be purchased through PayPal. We will keep you informed of future promotions throughout the months ahead and please visit us on our Facebook page for updated news. See our Terms and Conditions. You get a 5% discount off your next order with a Token Code provided!


1. Purchase your Product. choices of ‘Collect’ or ‘Next day delivery’ (UK Mainland Only*)
2. Upload your Artwork ‘PDF PRESS Format’ (you can ‘DOWNLOAD’ our Artwork Templates for guidance)

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Printing Services Swindon Wiltshire

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 @ 02:06 PM
posted by admin

prestige colour printers swindon wiltshire

Prestige Colour printing services Swindon Wiltshire

Prestige Colour printing services Swindon Wiltshire offers design, colour and mono digital print, media and conventional lithographic printing, from one-colour business cards to full-colour quality brochures

• Talk to us face to face – we supply and guarantee quality printing and service see our Facebook page
Short run digital colour, long run litho colour
• Leaflets, Folders with pockets, Business Cards, Letterheads, Invoices, Posters up to A0 size

Quick turnaround

Prestige Colour aim to offer the best printing service at the best possible price for individuals and businesses

Quality print

Artwork received in all popular formats (InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, PDF, EPS, JPEG, Zipped File etc). Upload Artwork on the left panel of this page. Click here

Upload large files via Dropbox on the button situated on the left


DL – 220mm x 110mm
1/3A4 – 210mmx x99mm
A7 – 105mm x 74.25mm
A6 – 148.5mm x 105mm
A5 – 210mm x 148.5mm
A4 – 297mmx x210mm
A3 – 420mm x 297mm
A2 – 594mm x 420mm
A1 – 840mm x 594mm
A0 – 1188mm x 840mm


DL – 220mm x 110mm
C6 – 114mm x 162mm
C5 – 162mm x 229mm
C4 – 229mm x 324mm